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Banks and financial services organizations of all sizes are now more concerned than ever about risk and compliance management.

Whilst Brexit has impacted, if not dominated, much of the regulatory agenda for 2019, it has not resulted in regulatory paralysis. Brexit uncertainty still hangs over the horizon, but firms in the financial sector also need to remain responsive to a wide range of developing areas, from sustainable finance, fintech, LIBOR reform, and operational resilience to significant changes to regulatory capital and remuneration requirements.

Major shifts in the role and functioning of banks and financial services organizations over the last few years have brought about a new way to regard risk. Many, if not most, new risks over the last two decades can be attributed to globalization, explosion of new businesses, growth in technology and gains in efficiency. These changes have not only brought tremendous economic growth but also a growing multitude of risk causing a fundamental change in the approach to risk management. 

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