Case study - 3

EPA regulatory requirements

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G-crew wear was faced with a need to have its products meet new EPA regulatory requirements


These regulations required the G-crew wear to make a large number of technology modifications. As a result, G-crew wear needed to draw from key company staffing and equipment resources, which were already over-allocated. Failure to comply with the new regulations would have resulted in the inability for G-crew wear to sell their product.

How we helped

We pulled together a core team of project leaders and developed a high-level project plan to verify that the current approach would meet regulatory compliance dates. Next, we met with the project team to break the high-level plan into detailed work tasks.

Once the project plan was finalized, BlackSwan assisted the company in accurately identifying critical paths to achieving key milestones and make decisions based on plan data. G-crew wear also used this data to analyze the allocation of key staffing and equipment resources and then transitioned the key resources from non-critical to critical path activities.


G-crew wear not only met EPA regulatory requirements by the mandated deadline, but it also received several industry awards for the technology solutions.

The company has fully adopted the process BlackSwan developed for this project, and the plan to meet the next phase of emissions regulations is already in place. The company uses this plan to ensure it meets key program milestones and makes important project decisions in a proactive instead of a reactive manner.

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