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Client FAQ

Blacksswan is an online talent marketplace facilitating the access to regulatory, compliance and risk management experts to build your legal function or assist on a specific project matter. Please see below the most frequently asked questions.


Q. What services do you offer? 

We offer regulatory, compliance and risk management consulting services to small, medium or large businesses. 

We are scalable and flexible resources at affordable price. 

Request For Proposal

Q. How do I submit a Request For Proposal ? 

You can submit a custom  Request For Proposal via our platform.

Hiring an Associate


Q. How do I work with an Associate? 

Once we receive your proposal,  you can compare our associates profiles and  schedule interviews with your preferred candidates.

Q. How does Billing work? 

We charge a composite rate for projects initiated on our platform. The composite rate is displayed on our platform at all times. It is comprised of the consulting fees plus the BlackSwan management fee for the use of our platform.

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