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Compliance testing

Our BlackSwan regulatory, risk and compliance team assesses the adequacy and effectiveness of controls relating to regulatory risks. We perform testing & validation activities in accordance with our EMEA Testing Plan and Enterprise Testing & Validation methodologies.

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How we can help:​

  • Designing, developing and executing testing in accordance with the Independent Monitoring, Testing, and Validation Policy and the Enterprise Testing Control Testing and Issue Validation Procedures

  • Performing issue validation work to provide an independent assessment of the appropriateness, completeness, effectiveness, and sustainability of corrective actions taken to address regulatory compliance issues.

  • Being involved in the compilation of the annual compliance testing plan

  • Tracking and validating the implementation of remedial actions submitted by the remedial actions owners to verify that issues were remediated; follow up as necessary

  • Preparing review reports for Management that highlights the scope, testing approach, and the results of the review

  • Monitoring regulatory activities and industry developments to identify trends and emerging issues that may impact the bank and may require changes to the compliance testing program

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