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Operational risk

Having the operational risk framework right is essential important for firms – everything else develops from this. Whether you are a new start-up that need to create a whole new operational risk framework, or a large multi-national looking to enhance an existing one, BlackSwan Consultancy can provide you with the right support.

How we can help:

  • Developing an operational risk policies, processes, terms of reference, and timelines that support risk appetite, risk culture, and strategic goals

  •  Identifying and score risks at a gross and net risk level

  • Creating qualitative risk appetite statements and metrics connected to that risk appetite

  •  Implementing best practices in loss event capture and analysis, as well as loss causal analysis

  •  Identifying, capturing, and analysing metrics associated with key risks and controls

  • Creating clear and concise operational risk reporting that enables business leaders to fully understand the firm’s risk exposure

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