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Regulatory risk

How we can help

  • Collating, analysing, monitoring and reporting management information on risks and issues to relevant business stakeholders and committees to inform business decision making and meet reporting and regulatory requirements.

  • Supporting and advising the business on Group wide risks, loss events and near misses, to enable them to identify, manage and mitigate risk in line with Group policies and procedures, market best practice and regulatory requirements.

  • Building, developing and promoting internal and external relationships with business stakeholders and committees to ensure the effective delivery of the Group’s risk and business objectives and to promote the profile of the Risk Division.

  • Designing, planning and delivering effective communications and training for business stakeholders and committees to ensure risk knowledge, skills and governance arrangements are fit for purpose.

  • Identifying, and delivering a programme of cross-functional thematic reviews in line with market best practice, in order to ensure risks are identified, assessed, managed and monitored to inform decision making.

  • Ensuring that the Group is aware of its prudential regulatory requirements through identifying relevant regulatory publications from different sources, and then interpreting and communicating these requirements to appropriate stakeholders.

  • Delivering short term / one-off projects and activities as required by and to the standards and outcomes agreed with Line Manager.

Geometrical Shapes

Regulation and risk management is an increasingly complex and important issue for organisations which directly provide services for customers.

We provide simple, trust worthy, high quality solutions whether you are building new business propositions or fixing ones that have gone wrong.

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