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Remediation services

When there has been a regulatory failure ; it is essential  to take immediate remedial action to prevent such reoccurrence.These failures will often lead to either full or partial enforcement proceedings which will place a heavy burden on your organization, demanding a significant amount of skilled resources and imposing tight timetables for action.

How we can help: 

  • Preparing a root cause analysis showing how and why the failures occurred

  • Briefing senior management on the conclusions arising from the root cause and work with them on an action plan

  • Communicating with the regulator on the remediation plan, its timing and reporting to ensure that a satisfactory resolution is achieved

  • Revising or creating new policies and procedures in the areas that were deficient

  • Training relevant staff in the new procedures

  • Conducting past business reviews

  • Liaising with the Firm’s legal counsel

  • Drafting and assisting in the implementation of a risk mitigation programme

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